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Since the release of online sports betting sites, more and more people are foregoing the typical off-track betting venues in favor of placing bets from home. However, as internet crimes increase, more and more people are becoming concerned with the reliability of these sites.

The Scammers

Like any other internet venture, online betting is fraught with scam sites that are designed to steal consumers' money in one way or another. While some simply wait for innocent bettors to make a deposit, others record credit card and banking information before disappearing from the web. These occurrences are few and far between, often made to appear more prevalent by media attention. Thousands of players trust the online casinos they have chosen to play at, but for all those new players, on they can find the top 7 casino sites from the virtual casino world. Players can protect themselves from researching agencies well before making any deposits.

Ways to Spot Fraudulent Sites

When players are still skeptical, even after reading reviews, there are few giveaways that may point toward a fraudulent site. First, most scam sites do not list 24 hour toll-free numbers on their websites, because they really do not want consumers to contact them. Also, scam websites will usually only have a few options for financial transactions, and this usually means that agencies refuse to do business with them because they are unverified.

By studying and applying the information on this page, players can easily discern the fraudulent sites from the legitimate ones. It is not as difficult as it may seem and it just might save gamblers thousands of dollars.

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