Roulette Rules

Among the best casino games is roulette and it exist in two main categories-European and American roulette. There are slight variations between the two which later will be discussed. You can find both roulette variations in Jackpot City casino, for which you can get a free bonus right here to try them out without the requirement to deposit your own money. Roulette needs no technical skills and is a game of chance. The table of roulette is green in color. A winning number is known when a small ball is plunged in the wheel and the wheel is turned faster. The ball stops rolling on a specific number which is a winning number.

The Wheel

The American and the European roulette have numbers 0 to 36; the American roulette wheel has a double 0. The numbers are in a black or red color. Zero and double zero have a green color and termed as the house numbers since clients place bet on them rarely, which means that a rotation of the numbers, the house wins. Always choose European roulette table when offered because it contains one house number while the American roulette table contains two house numbers.

How to Play Roulette

First select a bet. The bets include

* Evens and Odds: you can bet whether the spin will be even or odd. This wager earns you 1.1
* Reds and Blacks: based on the color, not the number. Earns 1:1
* First Half and Second Half:  a wager in which the number represented are 1-18 or 9-36 and earns 1:1
* Dozens: there are two types of wagers on dozens. Either you can place your wager on the first or second or third column or either on the first or second or third dozen. This wagers earns 1:1
* Six-Number Bet: the wager is made once you put a chip at the line that is in between a two-rows numbers that are at the left side of the numbers column and earns 5:1
* Five-Number Bet: this is a unique wager and made only on American roulette table. This wager is on 00,0,1,2 and 3 and earns 6:1
* Four-Number Bet: there exist two types of four based number wager. One is on European roulette wheel which is on 0-3. The second wager is placed on the transverse corner among four numbers and both earn 8:1
* Three-Number Bet: this is a kind of wager on numbers in a row and earns 11:1
* Two-Number Bet: this is a wager placed on a line among two numbers and earns 17:1
* Single-Number Bet: it is referred to as a straight up. You only need to select a number and place a chip on it, earns 35:1.

Roulette is played with several people owning different chip color on a physical casino. As soon a person wins the game, he or she is announced immediately. If you find roulette a little bit risky, many gamblers turn to Keno. Keno is a lottery-based casino game with the highest winning odds and huge jackpot prizes. If you want more info on Keno, hop over to this site and learn all the essentials.

Online Roulette

The rotation at an online casino is very short and the wheel is invisible as it rotates, this attaches nervousness and enthusiasm.

Playing roulette online today is very safe as long as you play in reputable sites and practically don't have any disadvantages from playing it live. In fact, it offers more freedom and you can get online bonuses that will double your deposit money or give you free spins. For more information on online bonuses and how to get one, check out

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